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Vetiver Racinettes Travel Candle - Ltd. Edition Winter Holidays 2013

Vetiver Racinettes is the newest addition to Ayala Moriel's astounding candle collection. Bold, purifying and distinctive scent of vetiver roots, kaffir lime leaves and a bite of spices (ginger, black pepper and cardamom) make this the scent of choice for a tranquil evening. Perfect for meditation and relaxation purposes. Each candle is handpoured, and gently perfumed with our distinctive Vetiver Racinettes scent. Made of pure soy wax candles with a cotton wick results in a clean candle-burning experience. These exquisite candles have a gentle throw as they are scented only with pure essential oils, absolute and luxurious floral waxes. Each candle is masterfully crafted and hand poured with a complex perfume so they truly stand out and create an unforgettable atmosphere. Burn time: 25-35 hours.

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Vetiver Racinettes
Our signature vetiver fragrance is like no other, combining the earthiness of thousand rootlets in deep dirt with the sweetness of refreshing root beer.

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