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A sharp spice note from the fresh or dried rhizomes of the ginger plant. It is somewhat green and grassy. Ginger oil is a top note, while ginger absolute is a heart note. Its warm and sweet culinary association is due to its extensive use in pumpkin spice blends and gingerbread. It is used in gardenia compounds to add a the green slightly spicy gardenia top note; in spicy and woody Orientals; and in foresty, coniferous and citrus compositions.

Scents that contain this Note

l'Herbe Rouge

Inspired by Boris Vian's novel by the same name, l'Herbe Rouge is a classic Fougere that is sexy, refreshing and long-lasting.

Lime & Cacao

Inspired by Mexican cuisine, Lime & Cacao is piquant and refreshing.


Innovative, all-natural oceanic-woody for men. 2012 Indie FiFi Award Nominee.

Osmanthe Anise

Singular, evocative and comforting. Creates the illusion of warm poached pear.


The scent of the West Coast rainforest after the rain.

Vetiver Blanc

The 1st in the Vetiver Series created in 2007. This is a sheer, clean vetiver centered around Haitian vetiver oil.

Vetiver Racinettes

Our signature vetiver fragrance is like no other, combining the earthiness of thousand rootlets in deep dirt with the sweetness of refreshing root beer.

Vetiver Rouge

My 2007 vetiver experiments concluded with a fourth liquid perfume: Vetiver Rouge.


Fuzzy amber and zesty ginger. Launced 20.11.2011 with a tea party along with a matching tea.

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